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Raider Team

The MHS Raider Team is a high speed, physically challenging outdoor adventure team. It consist of flat bellied, steely eyed cadets with the drive for success. Working together and having teamwork is vital in having a prosperous Raider team. Each team, Male, Female, and Mixed consists of 12 physically fit cadets. here at Manatee we prioritize our self in making sure our cadets are adequately trained with PT exercises therefor the Raider team can push the limits on their physical abilities. The Raiders compete in several events starting with the 5K run then rope bridge, first aid, litter carry, and a fitness course.






6:10am - 7:00am

2:35pm - 4:00pm

6:10am - 7:00am

2:35pm - 4:00pm


August - December

Knot Tying Instruction

First Aid Quiz

First Aid Practice

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